Wallet Ninja and Tie Not Unboxing

Apple Testing New iPhone and iPad With a Much Larger Display

It seems that Apple is working on a new version of iPhone and iPad that will have a much larger screen then we are used to. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has already been testing iPhones and iPads with display sizes as big as 5-inches and 13-inches respectively. The report says that Apple has been testing prototype versions o f its iOS devices with large screens in order to come up with new devices that will help the company compete against arch rivals like Samsung. It is being said that Apple is testing iPhones with screens that are ‘larger than 4 inches’ and a tablet-slate device with screen sizes as big as 13-inches.

Be The Change With Latest Gadgets

The technological advent in modern times, particularly the past few years, has been tremendous. The face of the world has been transformed into a completely unrecognizable one and the primary contributors are the latest gadgets and contrivances. Innovative and intuitive technologies have changed the way we work and leisure. Be it social interfacing, making our lives convenient or revamping entertainment, gadgets now make everything possible with the smallest of efforts and time. These changing times demand the lifestyle to change too. It has somehow become uncool to be seen without a smartphone or an iPad. And not using them is not all about being simple and basic. These gizmos are mighty useful too. They come handy in every walk of life; business, communications, defense, social media, entertainment, household chores, you name it.

Online Electronic Store Benefits – Have a Look

Purchasing goods online have made it possible and easy for every common man to purchase their favorite products at discounted rates. Let us discuss in detail the benefits associated with online electronic shopping. The online shopping has gained huge popularity in the last ten years. Almost every individual today is seen shopping for electronics through online channels. It has been proved by a number of studies held recently that around 50% of the population today prefers to shop for their favorite products online. As a result, the online manufacturers are making huge benefits by selling their commodities and services online these days.Let us discuss in detail the benefits offered by online electronics stores to individuals. These include:

Top 10 Tablets for Entertainment and Business Purposes

Manufacturing super sleek models is the way to win in the market in 2013. There are so many tablets in the market out there but not all are as good as they claim. We provide a review for only 10, but for sure, there are as many out there. We have reviewed these 10 in view of their prices, quality and functionality/features.

Top 10 Smartphones in the Market Depending On Their Popularity With Users

Old smartphones are being improved in the 2013 as new ones come by. According to statistics, an average user will check their smartphone for at least 150 times in a single day, and this makes it superior that a computer or tablet.

What Makes Online Electronic Stores Ideal Choice For Purchasing Electronics?

The process of shopping has become very convenient and hassle-free with the emergence of online electronic stores. We have discussed below some significant features responsible for making the stores popular worldwide.

Save Energy Save Money

Saving energy means more rupees in your pocket, but it is also a green initiative that we can all practice to save our valuable resources and be kinder to our environment. Your electricity bills need not be as high as they are. Do follow these simple guidelines for saving electricity.

Cotek Pure Sine Wave Inverters, Microprocessor Controlled Power Supplies

For times when you are going to be using an alternative energy source, a pure sine wave inverter may be the route that you need to go. Your off the grid, or alternative energy source is chocked full of direct current, or DC. You need that converted into a useable form of power which is alternate current, or AC. Fortunately, Cotek has a range of top quality inverters which can handle power from 12, 24, and 48 volt sources.

A Smartpen That Checks Your Spelling As You Use It

Now is the right time to introduce you to the new digital spellchecker also known as a smartpen. It’s created by a German inventor who decided to build in a computer in its case which alerts when you are going to make a spelling mistake. It’s like your first grade teacher but this time more innovational.

The Downsides of Owning a Ruggedized Cell Phone

Owning a rugged cell phone can be a necessity or it can just be a choice for durability, but just like any other product you own there are a few downsides. This article will look at the two biggest factors that might change your mind about owning a ruggedized phone.

Ice Machines! Not an Easy Decision

There are different types of ice produced by ice machines such as cube ice and flaked ice which have their own purpose in foodservice applications. Usually, the cube ice is used for beverages and is different from the ice that is produced in a refrigerator.

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