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How Is Battery Life Calculated?

Have you ever wondered how companies come up with their battery life claims? The number is printed confidently on the product packaging, but where did it really come from? Learn how battery life is calculated and become a more informed, savvy consumer of battery-powered devices.

Why Is LED Tape Measured in Lumens?

Advertising a light source in terms of lumens instead of watts has become a fairly common practice in recent years and this is largely due to the arrival of energy efficient lighting technology. For years, we have shopped for light bulbs by their wattage. While the lighting market was dominated by incandescent and halogen bulbs, there was no problem.

What Does Beats by Dr Dre Pro Have to Offer?

The Beats by Dr. Dre Pro headphones is one of the best options for headphones that can be used. This headphone model offers some attractive features that make the headphones deliver the most accurate and true to life sounds that one can get.

Range of Kirby Products and Their Characteristics

Kirby is well reputed because of the range of their vacuum cleaning products and the durability they have. In the following sections we will be looking at different models that the company has launched and their individual characteristics.

Beats by Dr Dre – The Best Headphones for the Best Multimedia Experience

One of the most popular and can be considered the best among these innovative product nowadays is Beats by Dr Dre. It is a popular model of headphones created by the company Monster to give the best and innovative media experience for users.

Flex Belt Review: What’s In Store For Users

It takes a lot of hard work to tone abdominal muscles and make them look as good as those you see on models. And for people who do not have the luxury of time, this seems like a very elusive dream. But then again, there are tools out there today that promise to shorten the interval between flabs and rock-hard abs. And as an added bonus, they don’t even push you to sweat it out and hurt yourself doing crunches.

How to Choose the Right Model of Canon All in One Printer

Canon all in one printer is a multifunctional device which you will need in the case you are starting your own business or you need it just for home use. At the market you could find a large selection of these devices. However, by choosing the one from the Canon all in one printer, you will definitely make the right choice, because Canon is a world-renowned brand in this area.

Why LED Lights Are Measured in Lumens and Not Watts

The lighting industry is changing the way we pick and choose our light bulbs. As of the 1st September 2010, it has become mandatory for all lighting equipment within the EU to be labelled in terms of lumens, instead of watts.

Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X Review

The best Android Smartphones today are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X. They are both splendid in their own ways and to choose one among the two can be very hard a choice to make. They are strong competitors at present and to find the advantages of one over the other, we will help you out here.

Inverter Generators – Get to Know Their Benefits

Inverter generators are a highly dependable power source that offers measured amount of power for matching the requirement of different electrical appliances that are powered by generators. Different varieties of generators are being offered in such a way that they can be suitable for different applications. Here are some of the details regarding their different varieties: Portable model: Portable generators are highly popular not only for outdoor usage, but they are also used for home alternate electrical requirements.

Using Waterproof LED Strip Lights

When exploring the lighting options available to you in a home or business, you are sometimes restricted by certain factors. A good example is safety.

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