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What Does My Oscilloscope Kit Do?

A digital Oscilloscope kit produces a device that can be used for basic voltage testing, and measuring the shape and frequency of electronic pulses. As such it is useful in further projects.

IP Camera Reviews – Which Panasonic Surveillance Camera Is the Right IP Camera For You?

If you’re searching for the perfect monitoring video camera, you may find the ideal one is quite challenging to locate due to the sheer number of IP cameras on the market today. Panasonic cameras are an excellent choice, as the manufacturer offers a wide range of IP cameras to suit a variety of needs. Here are some brief reviews for just a few Panasonic IP cameras…

Starting Your Invention With the Arduino Starter Kit

The Arduino starter kit is frequently used by inventors who want to create a good grab bag of parts for their creative thinking – pulling together all kinds of favourite herbs and spices in the amateur electronics enthusiast’s recipe book. It includes the Arduino Uno board, the latest microcontroller open source board from SparkFun – plus an array of devices, sensors, cables and connectors suitable for any inventive emergency! The Arduino does not come with a printed manual, so if you are new to the Arduino universe you might want to try a SparkFun Inventor’s Kit – or maybe…

Three Good Reasons to Consider the Humminbird 788ci Fish Finder

The Humminbird 788ci was released to the market in January 2011 and has been a popular mid range fish finder from Humminbird. Humminbird themselves have been leading the fish finder market through thought leadership and innovation for several years and the 788ci is an example of that type of thinking. The focus for this article is to look at three reasons why this particular fish finder is a great choice for you. This assumes you are an experienced and serious enough fisher to understand the general benefits of a fish finder.

Why Buy a Portable Speaker?

You own an iPod, a mobile device equipped with audio, a laptop and a PSP. You can listen to music and other audio files on each and everyone of these things. Why would you possibly want to purchase a portable speaker?

How Paper Shredders Can Protect Your Identity

Personal documents are a part of life that are not going to be going anywhere soon. Most documents contain personal information such as addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers or even bank account numbers. If this type of information got into the wrong hands, then you could be at risk for a stolen identity.

Portable Speakers Buying Guide: What Features to Look For

Portable speakers come in many different shapes and sizes. They also come with a variety of features. Before you go out and purchase a handheld speaker, it is important to know what type of features to look for.

Best Portable Speakers For Under $100

Getting a good deal on a portable speaker is something that everyone wants. However, you want to make sure that you are spending your money on a quality product that is going to last a long time. You want to make sure the materials used to make the speaker are top-quality and that the sound quality is good.

The Best Portable Speakers for Under $30

If you have a laptop, MP3 player, iPhone or smartphone, one accessory that comes in handy is a portable speaker. Not only will it give you the opportunity to not wear any headphones, but it will also broadcast your music throughout the room. It is the perfect way to share your music with others and listen to it loud and clear.

What Is the Best Portable Laptop Speaker?

Laptops are a wonderful machine. They allow you to browse the internet, check your email or create documents without being confined to a desk. They are portable and can be taken with you wherever you go.

What Is An Online Penny Auction?

We are all familiar with traditional auction sites on the internet, but not all sites are the same. One type of auction site is becoming more popular by the minute, and these alternative websites offer what are commonly known as penny auctions. If you’re not sure what a penny auction actually is, keep on reading.

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