You Can Keep Bubble Tea on Your Keychain

LCD Vs LED Vs Plasma – Which One Is Really Better?

Side to Side comparison between the LCD vs LED vs plasma televisions. What exactly are the differences, and why is one more beneficial than the other?

Blu-ray Player Buying Guide 2012

Blu-ray is an optical disk format developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association, that’s been replacing DVD and was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of HD video. Its storage capacity is five times larger than traditional DVDs that can hold up to 25 GB on single-layer discs and 50 GB on dual-layer discs.

Cotek Inverter

Daybreak is my favourite time of the day. To me, each sunrise is like a new season for an NFL coach. I never know what the future will bring, but it always looks rosy at dawn.I learned to love the early-morning stillness and freshness from a 110-pound black L abrador retriever, who woke me almost every day by touching her nose to mine as soon as it was light enough for our eyes to see each other. I’d let her out, make some coffee, and then sit outside with a fresh cup to watch her antics.

Panasonic TX-P65ST50B Review

The Panasonic TX-P65ST50B 3D plasma TV has been one of the Japanese electrical giant’s most eagerly awaited televisions this year. A 65 inch screen frequently means a disproportionately higher price than a 50 inch set but this unit seems to have bucked that trend without any loss of performance. Let’s take a look at why this TV is well worth checking out.

Chinese Electronics Development Speed and Coverage

The Chinese electronics industry is now the biggest global manufacturing entity, producing thousands of products that are shipped all over the world. With almost every consumer electronics product being at least partly made in China, the industry is reliant on the country, but it is also possible to buy cheap high quality goods from China.

Traktor S2 Review

The Traktor S2 is becoming more and more popular in the digital DJing marketplace however is this neat little controller worth the money? I take a close up look at what this little midi controller has to offer the DJ.

A Living Room Giant: LG Releases The World’s Biggest Ultra-Def TV

Somewhere along the spectrum of human existence, it became custom to those immersed in our contemporary ‘technology’ age to trade that small buzzing box that was once the centerpiece of the living room for a television that one’s friends could mistake as a window. The phrase ‘forty-two inch’ began to roll jovially from the common tongue, followed by ‘HD’ and ‘Surround Sound’. Let’s face it; when it comes to TV, our culture shouts ‘bigger is better’.

Six Tips On How To Choose A Carpet Cleaner

Choosing to buy a carpet cleaner can a daunting task. We give you 6 tips to guide you while shopping for a good carpet cleaner for your home.

iPad Music Production Apps Review: Tabletop

Tabletop is probably one of the best iPad music production apps out there. Find out what’s good about it and the best way to use it, but also a couple of drawbacks.

Benefits Of Switching To Energy Saving Lights

Choosing energy efficient lights can be beneficial in many ways. Energy saving lighting can not only reduce the monthly electricity bills, it also adds to the cause of reducing global warming.

Hunting for the Best Action Camera Footage

How the film quality of portable cameras can be improved by adding a polarization filter. This technology works great while hunting and other outdoor activities.

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