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How Bright Do I Need My LED Tape to Be?

Finding a strip light that delivers the right amount of illumination depends on the context in which it is being used and the effect you are trying to achieve. To make things easy for our customers, our strip lights can be divided into three main categories; low brightness, medium brightness and high brightness.

An Introduction to Colour Changing RGB LED Tape

Colour Changing RGB LED Tape gives you the opportunity to create colourful, changeable ambience, all at the touch of a button. It shares many of the same characteristics as its single colour counterpart, including complete flexibility of design, bespoke cutting options and a 3m self adhesive backing.

The Environmental Benefits of LED Tape

Throughout their entire “life cycle” a product is effecting our environment detrimentally. However, by combating this effect at all stages of the product’s life cycle, LED Tape proves that it is a superior choice when it comes to saving the environment.

Can I Cut My LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights are one of the most versatile types of lighting available and this is not just because they are flexible. LED Strip Lights can also be cut to custom lengths, which means they can be potentially made to meet the requirements of any installation.

Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 Camcorder Review

When Panasonic’s AG-HMC150 appeared, photographers were immediately attracted to it. In one relatively compact package, one not only had a complete videography system that set a standard at the time and which has been continuously upgraded ever since. For example, the HMC150 features a 28 mm wide-angle lens right from the box, however, the 13 X zoom feature offers not only a macro mode – most zoom lenses do – but when you use it you find the lens is the equivalent of a 35 mm lens.

Toner and Printer for Brother MFC 9970CDW Model

This printer has been unveiled as the model with the quickest print speed, easiest to use and having features that are up to date and currently mandatory in the office such as USB direct print and scan options. The Brother MFC 9970CDW is a new and advanced model which is future ready between its durable machine abilities and its future ready features. This four in one MFP can print at speeds up to 30 pages per minute in both black and white, and color prints.

Brother MFC 9560CDW Toner and Printer

The Brother MFC 9560CDW color laser multifunction printer is a well rounded machine that can do printing, faxing, copying and scanning all in one machine. It is geared toward smaller workgroups for a cheap price. It has many different features and capabilities that other models in its class do not have.

IBM 1125 Toner and Printer Review

The IBM 1125 is one of the best small workgroup printers available on the market right now. Its future-forward features really say a lot when it comes to the convenience and user-friendly machine. This printer has compiled all the elements of the best features of past models and made it into one optimal printing machine.

HP Toner and Printer Products

Regardless of the size and scope of your business, you can bet that professionalism is a top priority, and when everything not online is run through your printer, you can bet you need a good one and ink to match. There are few names as well known HP in the printer section, and HP toner and printer products have stood up to scrutiny on quality alone. A simple comparison between HP toner and the bargain brand should demonstrate on its own why it is worthwhile to go with the brand name.

Brother Toner and Printer Products

Today it is literally impossible to conduct any personal or professional business without a printer, and as everyone also knows, it can be a massive headache finding a machine and the proper ink. Brother toner and printer products can help save some of the trouble, and are also one of the most common and reputable printer product brands on the market today. The vast product line caters to the needs of anyone, whether they are a small family household, a small business in a household, or beyond.

Printer and Toner Review for IBM 1120

The IBM 1120 is a printer commonly used in small businesses as a secondary printer or at home offices that don’t have much printing. While the quality is optimal, it is a small printer still. This printer prints out the best black and white prints that will shock viewers.

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