34 Clever Ways to Make Extra Money

Why a LED TV Is the Best Choice

Flat panel display televisions have fully come into their own in this time leaving old-fashioned CRT tube televisions in the dustbin of last century. The emergence of high definition was the death knell for the old tubes as they could not be constructed in the wide 16:9 aspect ratio of that emerging format. Flat panels became the natural successor to old technology.

Black Friday Online Deals

Save time, and avoid hassles this year by taking advantage of Black Friday deals online. If you are like many shoppers, you flock to the doors of your favorite retailers on the day after Thanksgiving to get your hands on the latest tech-savvy gadgets, electronics, gaming consoles, GPS devices and more at the lowest prices of the year.

How Much Can You Save Using Burnham Boilers?

Burnham boilers had proved themselves to be very efficient and high performance boilers. When you have a highly efficient boiler, you can save huge on your utility bill. Well, that is the main reason for us to choose a high efficient electrical appliance in the first place.

BlackBerry Torch 9810: RIM Gets a Facelift

When the first BlackBerry Torch release first came out, BlackBerry fans were evidently intrigued by the new full-touchscreen compatibility in a RIM model, with the safety net offered by the add-on slider keyboard. Still when the Torch 9810 was released soon after the 9800, one does feel a distinct sense of deja-vu, with a model that clearly mimics a previous released, albeit with some key enhancements thrown in.

Nook Tablet Vs Amazon Kindle Fire – Who Is the Winner?

The great debate for e-book readers in 2011 comes down to either Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble’s latest Nook Tablet. There are other choices of e-reader in the market but the most popular choices are still the Nook and Kindle. Let’s take a closer look at comparison of the two devices.

Garmin Nuvi 3790T – Innovative Portable GPS With Voice Recognition

GPS navigators today are not only helpful for guiding us with position. These devices now come with multifunctional features and modern design. The Nuvi 3790T from Garmin, for instance, is a portable navigational assistant that combines sleek design and advanced technology.

LG WT5001CW 27 5.2 Cu Ft Top Load Washer

The LG WT5001CW is a top loading washer with the patented WaveForce technology, a cold wash option, a SmartRinse jet spray system, a slam proof lid, with a 4.5 cu. ft. ultra capacity. The direct drive motor has a ten year warranty that moves at 1100 rpm. This unit has a true balance anti-vibration system and a low decibel quiet operation.

Canon PowerShot S95 – Digital Camera With HD Video Capabilities

If you are in search of a compact camera with professional features, be glad because your quest is finally over. The PowerShot S95 series from Canon gives you all photographers may hope for. The camera comes with a 28 mm wide-angle 3.8x optical zoom lens which enables you to capture views from wide-angle to telephoto. Wider angle will allow you to shoot many people within one frame; while to get more detailed shot, you can zoom in your view. Do not worry about camera shake while zooming in since this camera also features Canon Optical Image Stabilizer.

The Hoover F7452-900 Max Extract Steam Vacuum

I was recently told that the Hoover model F7452-900 was a steam cleaner that I could use on my carpets one time and I would notice a difference. I was skeptical, but in this article I tell why I am pleasantly surprised.

Different iPhone Repair Options To Choose From

The iPhone is a reliable device but it is not entirely indestructible. It can be damaged by water exposure, broken touch screen and so many other causes. Before you throw out your iPhone and head to the nearest cellular phone shop to buy a new one, you have to first consider a cheaper alternative which is the iPhone.

Buying Antique Clocks

Disappointments are all too common in the antique world, especially when you are a specialist in your field and try to handle only the best you can find. This doesn’t mean a high price, but a good and substantially reasonable example of that particular kind of clock.

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