5 Things Rich Retirees Know That You Don’t.

LG 42LV4400 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV

LG has been making large-screen high-definition television monitors for about five years. It certainly knows its craft. For example, the LG 42LV4400 delivers high-definition video at 1080p at a resolution of 120 Hz, the TruMotion System.

The Roomba 550 – Vacuuming Robot All-Star!

The iRobot Roomba 550 is an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner that vacuums your house and keeps your floors clean without much effort from you at all. It gets in and vacuums those spots under couches, beds and furniture that you know about but rarely get around to cleaning. You are seriously missing out if you don’t have a Roomba 550 to do your vacuuming for you.

Single Serve Coffee Makers – Tassimo by Bosch TAS4516UC Review

Of all the single serve coffee makers on the market, Tassimo seems to be the biggest competitor to Keurig. The Tassimo TAS4516UC is in the medium to high price range for single serve coffee makers so here’s what people are saying about it.

Tips in Buying Taser Guns

Being able to defend yourself from an attacker can help preserve your life. However, learning martial arts may not be enough to stop someone. There are times where you may face larger assailants that would require you to use self defense equipment to protect yourself. There are many different non lethal self defense weapons that you can purchase online or in your local shop that sells them.

Sony eBook Reader – A Look at the PRS 505 eBook Reader

The Sony eBook reader was a ground breaker, and actually hit the market before the Amazon Kindle. It took the digital eBook reader to a new level with many innovative features. This article discusses the features and pros and cons of this eBook reader.

Universal Remote Control – Great Features to Look For In Your Next Remote

High-end universal remotes give you a higher number of features and empower you by providing a greater level of granular control, but what are the features that you must have in your ideal remote? This article discusses some great feature you may want to look for when shopping for a universal remote control.

Camcorders – How to Determine Which Camcorders Take the Sharpest Pictures

When comparing camcorder quality it’s important to take more than one feature into consideration. This is the only fair way to make a proper comparison of which camcorders take the sharpest pictures and find out which model is best for you.

Digital Media Player Tips for Finding the Ideal Media Player for Your Home

Buying a Home Media Player for your home can be very challenging. And nothing is quite as frustrating as getting your home media player unpacked, and not being able to connect it, or play the movies you want to watch. This article highlights important things to consider when choosing a digital media player for your home.

DLNA and How It Helps You Access Your Media Files

You might have heard of DLNA a lot lately especially now that more and more people are starting to use it, but you may still not understand what DLNA is and why it is important. DLNA has a multitude of functionality that can change the way you access your photos, videos and music.

Polar FT60 Review – Time-Tested Excellence

If you are a goal oriented person who is motivated by targets and likes a structured approach to life in general, then you will most definitely benefit from using the Polar FT60 in your workouts. Polar has been a leader in the heart rate monitor market for a long time and products like the FT60 are what have put them on top. The following review details some of the features of the Polar FT60 that have delighted users since it was released to the market in 2008.

Remington R-91 Rechargeable Travel Shaver Review

Finding a travel shaver which is suitable for your needs is often easier than finding a regular shaver due to the lesser amount of choices available in the market and also less features to consider. The Remington R-91 is a rotary travel razor which comes at an appealing low cost. It’s the number 1 selling Remington Shaver in EU, which instils confidence in consumers that it delivers.

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