7 Credit Card Debt Mistakes To Avoid

Lenovo Tablet PC Pros and Cons

In your search for the best laptop computer ThinkPad tablet, you will likely want one that is lightweight. And you will probably desire a bright screen, an excellent speaker system (especially if you like to use your ThinkPad tablet to hear music) and the latest touchscreen capability too.

Samsung ES8000 Series TV Preview

Samsung’s ES8000 series LED TVs are set to be the Korean electronics giant’s top of the range HD TV line for this year. These TVs don’t come cheap but if you can afford one of them, then go for it as you’ll struggle to find a better and higher spec television on the market. Let’s take a look at what makes the ES8000 series so good.

Polk Audio TSi-300 Speakers – Outstanding Performance

The Polk Audio TSi-300’s belong to the popular range of floorstanding speakers on the market. They are very affordable and their performance is remarkable, to say the least. According to many hifi-critics, these speakers deserve to be in the spotlight of every virtual shopping-window.

Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder Review

Camcorders are meant to record those special and memorable moments in life, but oftentimes you end up witnessing life through the camera’s view finder. The new Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder allows you to experience the moment while you record it for posterity or simply to share with family and friends.

GoPro HD Naked HERO Camera Review

Providing professional-quality images at consumer prices, the GoPro HD Hero offers the best of both worlds. This hands-free 1080p HD camera is specially designed for sports enthusiasts.

ContourHD 1080p Camera Review

Outdoor and sport enthusiasts turn to the VHoldR ContourHD 1080p Camera when they want to capture their adventures and share them online with friends and family. This compact and rugged point-of-view (POV) camera is the first wearable HD camcorder.

Pioneer DEH-P8300UB CD Receiver With iPod iPhone Control

The Pioneer DEH-P8300UB is one of the first advanced radio receivers that allows one to integrate their iPod or iPhone with the DEH-P8300UB’s high-quality sound reproduction system so that one can play a full iPod audio list with faithful sound reproduction. The integration is so thorough that one can use the DEH-P8300UB’s remote to step through a play list; to fast-forward; to fast-rewind, or scroll through an entire play list with a single button push. The DEH-P8300UB uses the same interface cable to allow one to access the Pandora audio service, through the iPhone Pandora app, allowing one a…

A Review of the Breville One Touch Tea Maker

If you’ve found that your tea isn’t as flavorful as you’d like for it to be, or if it’s not as convenient to make during your busy work week, then the Breville one touch tea maker might be the ideal product for you. Breville is a trusted name in household appliances. Breville is renowned for quality and durability. Their Breville one touch tea maker is no exception. With its sleek design and ease of use, it should be on every tea drinkers wish list.

Best Record Player Under $100

A lot of people think that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good quality turntable. This is not really true. If you’re an audiophile or a DJ this will probably be true, but for the average casual listener you can find a nice sounding turntable for a very low price.

How The Motorola SBG6580 Cable Modem Works

Until recently I had never heard of a Motorola SBG6580 and had no idea what a cable modem actually did, I did know that the computer that I use all the time had to have some boxes connected to it so that I could use my laptop in my room or in the kitchen. I also knew that the main computer in the family room operated somehow from these boxes but I didn’t know what they were called or their function. This article recounts what I learned.

The Good And The Bad Side Of Panasonic KX-TG6545b Cordless Telephones

Cordless phones are truly convenient to have around the house or workplace because they give you the freedom to walk around, and do other things while conversing. Panasonic is a world leader in cordless telephone systems.

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