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Garmin 1490LMT – Your Portable Travel Companion

The Garmin 1490LMT has a wide variety of features that are much improved by a larger screen. The whole device’s hardware construction is sturdy, with a strong matte plastic back and a glossy bezel up front. An included suction cup mounting bracket lets you place the receiver on your windshield conveniently. It might cost a little more than its smaller brethren, but the ease provided by greater display real estate is worth the additional expense.

Garmin 265WT – The Best-Valued GPS on the Market

The Garmin 265WT is part of a relatively new family of GPS receivers that provides an excellent feature set at an affordable price, with its integrated Bluetooth, text-to-speech and the ability to function as a speakerphone by acting as a Bluetooth audio device. Ultimately, the Garmin 265WT is a must-buy navigation device that has a high-end feature set while having a budget price.

Garmin 110 – Simple, Lightweight and Affordable Running Watch

For all the runners out there who are currently looking for the perfect running watch that they could use, the Garmin 110 is probably the best option in the market today. This watch is definitely very suitable for serious runners because the Garmin 110 has the ability to record important statistics that people would need to be able to see their progress. The device has a total of 11 GPS satellites that make the recording process very accurate; not to mention, these satellites also help people become fully aware of how far they have already ran in a particular lap.

D3100 Review: Perfect for Starter Users

For those just starting out who are looking for a DSLR through which they can “earn their stripes” as photographers, one of the more recommended cameras is the Nikon D3100. It is the direct descendant of Nikon’s previous entry-level camera, the popular D3000. And according to Nikon, among its assets include being affordable, compact, and lightweight, perfect for people who want to learn the ropes of using DSLR cameras but without having to buy an expensive unit.

Canon T2i Vs T3i

The T2i is arguably the best in the Rebel series. But less than a year after the release of the T2i, the T3i, essentially an updated version of the T2i, was subsequently released. Since they are essentially similar, it caused confusion among camera fans. What exactly is the difference between the T2i and the T3i and to are these camera’s recommended to? We are going to discuss that and more in this comparison between the Canon T2i vs T3i.

Best Home Lifts for a More Accessible Home

There are a variety of home lifts that are used for better home accessibility, but some offer a wider range of usefulness to consumers than do others. The very best home lift systems are designed to provide superior accessibility to those who have mobility issues, to provide safety when in use and to offer more independence for those who live at home. Here are some of the best home lifts that are often installed in residential settings.

How Does the Dyson Fan Work?

This article provide an overview on how the Dyson fan works. It includes the pros and cons of the Dyson as well as a non-technical description of how the fan manages to create an airflow effect without using blades.

Here Is Why You Need An Under Counter Refrigerator

An undercounter refrigerator, also known as built-in or zero-clearance unit, can be built into existing cabinets because it is unobtrusive and vented in the front. There are various reasons why people consider buying these appliances. Many people may not have enough space, do not need full size appliances or the budget to buy free-standing appliances.

The Basic Features Of The Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

Are you looking for a good stethoscope to use for your medical profession? Then why don’t you check out the Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope? This is one of the best stethoscope models in the market today.

Shaving Goes Green At Philips Norelco

Want an easy way to make your lifestyle greener? Philips Norelco, maker of the 3d Sensotouch electric shaver, offers green products and recently announced their Green Initiative to generate 50% of its sales from green products. Read on to find out how using an electric shaver will make your life greener.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Preview – Key Features and My Thoughts

Read about some of the new Canon 5D Mark III’s key features here. I discuss the pros and cons of this brand new Canon DSLR.

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