The More You Touch It, the Cloudier It Gets

Saving Money and Getting the Most Bang for Your Money When Buying a Kindle Fire

When three of my friends received Kindle Fires I decided to research them. I love to read but I wasn’t sure if one would be for me. But I found out after my research they can be a real moneysaver and extremely convenient.

Top HDTV Media Players Review

In what seems to be another chapter in an ongoing war for dominance of your entertainment center, there is literally a sea of media players developing from which you can choose and about the only thing that is certain about this market is the fact that it will change. For example, Apple is offering its Apple TV player, while Google TV is being offered by a number of media players such as tuners offered by Logitech, and then there’s D-Link’s Boxee Box, and then there are the complete video services offered by Roku’s LT….

Midland WR300 Weather Radio Review

For years, the name Midland and emergency response have been nearly synonymous as the electronics giant provides a line of transceivers, repeaters and standard receiving radios that help save lives such as the WR-300 All-Hazards/Weather Receiver. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has the task of providing the public with 7/24/365 up-to-the minute information on changing weather situations on seven specific radio frequencies which run from 162.400 to 162.

Onkyo Home Theater System Review

At last, the video industry is beginning to realize that though it may put out the latest and greatest HDTVs in the world with the highest resolution rates, native 1080 p HDTV resolution, satellite and cable connections, blu-ray and other device interface capabilities, you need a device that can take all of those capabilities and tie them into one system like the Onkyo HT-S3400 Theater System. Onkyo’s HT-S3400, like a similar device offered by Sony, lets you tie all pieces of your home entertainment together with a minimum of wires and with fine sound capabilities. For example…

5 High Tech Beauty Apps to Try

These 5 high tech beauty apps to try are featured in the iTunes Store, Android Market or Google Chrome and are designed to enhance your beauty experience. If it is all about bigger, faster, better, you will find that beauty apps fit the bill.

LG Blu-ray Disc Player Review

LG has slowly been sewing up the lower end of the home entertainment system market with items such as its LG BD670 3D Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Player with Smart TV that not only enriches your video experience by bringing full high-definition 3D video to your HDTV, but also brings you true Dolby TruHD sound and more. While it has been interesting to watch the high-end of the home electronics market come out with development after development and improvement after improvement such as better Blu-ray players, more native mode high-resolution 3D players and the like, LG has…

Sony Sound Bar System Review

Sony has made the HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System the key to all of its interconnects so that all you really need is one device to put everything together. For example, let’s say one purchases a 65-inch Sony HDTV and PlayStation III and adds in a set of Sony speakers which leads to the question: how do you connect everything up into one system that uses only one wire to take care of typing all the various pieces together? The HT-CT150 may be that device.

Apple TV MD199LL/A Review

Apple has done it, honestly, done it and has left the bounds of the computer world behind to become a major player in the entertainment systems world with little more than its Apple MD199LL/A, a network-aware WiFi standard 802.11/n device through which your streaming content flows to your home entertainment system.

Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder

Available with 2GB of memory, Sony’s Digital Flash Recorder has made tape recording obsolete, unless you are a real audiophile who claims that nothing can match the highs and lows (hisses and dropouts, too?) of “real tape,” by making it totally digital. Few would have thought a few years ago when digital recorders first appeared on the scene they would become the rule and not the exception and that tape would be going the way of “standard” TV, but it has happened.

Epson Document Scanner Review

Epson’s WorkForce Pro is made for heavy duty business use. It has a daily use cycle of up to 1200 sheets and it includes a 75-page auto sheet feeder. The key to the WorkForce Pro is its built-in duplex-reading capability.

Garmin GPS-Enabled Sport Watch

At one time or another, if you are at all serious about running or cross-training, you have probably used a device that combined not only a watch function, but also gave you your heart readout and maybe a distance, too, but the Garmin Forerunner 405 Wireless GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with USB ANT Stick and Heart Rate Monitor has taken this up a few notches. Looking for all the world like a stylish sports watch, the Garmin Sport Watch is a lot more than that. Of course, it would have to be since its manufacturer is one of…

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