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The Canon EF-S 17mm – 85mm IS USM Lens – Indeed an Excellent Type of Lens

Recently, the Canon industry introduced two new DSLR lenses along with the Speedlite 580EX flash that offers digital features, that is the Canon EF-S 17mm – 85mm IS USM and the EF-S 10mm – 22mm USM lenses. Well, the EF-S IS USM lens offers a 5x zoom with an equivalent field of view of about 27mm – 136mm and is available at a price of $600 while the EF-S 10mm – 22mm USM lens offers an equivalent field of view of about 16mm – 35mm in the price of $800. Presently, these new lenses can only be used on the…

A Wonderful Media Experience With the 40″ Samsung LED 1080p 120hz HDTV

Having a TV at home is almost a necessity for families. It is how the family usually bonds at home – over great movies and shows with popcorn for snacks. The 40″ Samsung LED 1080p 120hz HDTV is a perfect choice for bonding moments with anyone; with parents, the kids, and even friends who come over for pizza.

Water Alarm Review

Here we’ll take a simplified look at the basics of water sensors and water supply shut off devices. Knowing the basics will allow you to choose the type of water alarm needed for your specific purpose. Eliminate the guess work and make sure you have the right model to get the job done.

Product Review: The Brother LB6800PRW Machine

The Brother LB6800PRW has the capacity to stitch 700 stitches per minute and it can also embroider 400 stitches in a minute. This is considered to be quite a high speed for the machine but it does a splendid job with nonchalance. The machine also comes with a variable stitch speed slider that allows you to control the speed of the machine.

Product Review: Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine has 136 built in embroidery designs and 6 built in embroidery fonts. Its ability to be compatible with a memory stick also enables you to import various designs from the internet or a DVD using the built-in USB port. The USB port enables you to store your designs on a flash drive and simply plug it on the port. There is also a card slot on the machine that allows you to use other embroidery designs in the market from the firm.

Things To Consider When Buying A New Digital SLR Camera

Both amateur and professional photographers often look for a versatile camera model that would fit their preferences in photography. Besides having the enough budget to buy a new digital SLR camera, there are other factors that these photo hobbyists must take into consideration.

Yamaha DGX 640 Review

The Yamaha DGX 640 is the one of the latest digital pianos introduced onto the market for music lovers and this review will provide information about this 88 key digital keyboard as well as some history on the manufacturer. The Yamaha DGX 640 is the best choice for people who like to experiment with different voices from beginners to the more advanced pianist in the field. The company has designed this instrument, especially for those people who want to experience the sound of the acoustic grand piano.

Blu Ray Player Technology

The BD-P1600’s design engineering and support to a whole new dimension. The BDP-93 adds exciting new features, including support for 3D Blu-ray, network streaming (Netflix, YouTube & more), dual HDMI 1.4 outputs to simplify connections with your A/V receiver or multiple displays, and the ability to playback high definition, audiophile-grade FLAC audio files. With the BD-P1600’s, worked with the best technology partners in the industry to bring you an incredible audio visual experience.

3 Quick Tips to Improve the Video You Record With Your Pocket Camcorder

It’s amazing the way technology has advanced when it comes to pocket camcorders. I remember my mom’s camcorder when I was younger, that thing was huge and she could barely lift it up to her shoulder because it was so heavy. That said, the new small designs come with limitations in the features department and there is a bit of a technology learning curve involved with some models.

LIGHTING: Its Effect on People and Places

How do you light a nightclub? How do you light a hotel reception? How does the lighting affect our impression of the space? What makes the lighting in a space enjoyable? Why do you choose to spend time in a particular space? What kind of lighting is best suited for a venue? The answers to these questions are what make lighting an exciting subject, and very relevant to anyone trying to get the maximum from their venue or space.

Nikon D3X FX Versus Canon EOS 5D Mark II – A Comparative Review

Nikon last year delivered its high-performance D3 body and has now upgraded it to the D3X with huge 24.5MP FX CMOS dSLR capability, but here’s the Canon has also upgraded its EOS to 5D and while it is only 21.1MP it offers a wider ISO range at about a-third the cost.

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